Thursday, 6 February 2014

Costa the meeting place for fashionistas to the wise ones

Well had a day off from work and with my head feeling like someone's jabbed a load of knives into it I needed a bit of me time to relax and shop like all girls do time to time its retail therapy at its peak but I didn't get any clothes just some well needed books and a coffee my perfect relaxation.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

You cant touch this shirt

I made this last year as part of a project for university and a friend modelled it for me and I really liked the place I shot it at.

The shirt is made up of old shirts just so you know he he.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Corset a l'Klimt

 I am really pleased to be sharing my ideas and garments I have made as well as little crafty things I make with the bloggers around the world so lets get to it this Garment below is a Gustav Klimt inspired corset I made in my third year at college at the time I thought it wasn't a very good representation of Klimt's work it just looked like a circuit board from a computer or mother board but now as i go back over the projects I did and the design ideas i had for the corset this was the better choice believe me... but any ways this was my first real achievement as a designer making this on my own with some technical help from my lecturer here and there and then modeled by my stunning friend who is I still believe a model at the moment and she looks marvelous in my corset which is fully lined by the way.

Fabric; corset outer bodice: medium weight cotton, lining: shiny blue sateen, pattern: gold thread and gold Angelina fiber and light blue-green light weight cotton, Ribbon: satin ribbon.